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Cindy Maddera

VIP BabyI found out Snow Patrol was coming to OKC the week after I purchased my Police tickets, so I didn’t even ask Chris about going to that concert. What crappy timing?! Monday, our friend Traci called to see if we were going and she just couldn’t believe that I was not going to this concert. She said “Oh, you’re goingâ€? and I’m sooooo glad I did. They played at the Zoo Amphitheater and it turned out to be a kind of small and intimate little concert. Traci and I were able to sit pretty close to the stage and Ty (her little brother) was able to get up to the bar that separates the VIPs from the regular folk at the front of the stage. I don’t think Snow Patrol is really well known in this area. I was excited and crazy about every song they sang, while the crowd didn’t get really riled until the band played “Chasing Carsâ€?. Traci and I just sat back ad enjoyed the concert. When they came out for their encore, one of the security guards came over to us and handed us VIP passes. Traci and I looked at each other and suddenly we were 19 again and total groupies. We wormed our way to the front of the stage and rocked out. We were so close I was able to get total acknowledgment from the bass player. IT. WAS. AWESOME.

I still can’t get over the VIP passes. I’ve never been a VIP before. Our passes allowed us to go back stage, but we decided not to because Ty couldn’t go with us. Plus, I’m shy and dorky in those meet-the-band situations. I’d rather just love them from a distance. I heart Gary Lightbody!