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Cindy Maddera

Stamp seven I really don’t need any excuse to visit the Oklahoma Museum of Art. I could live in the Dale Chihuly exhibit quit comfortably. They are also really good about bringing in some really cool touring exhibits like the Napoleon exhibit where I got to see Napoleon's hat and hankie with actual booger stains. The current touring exhibit are selections from the Washington Gallery of Modern Art. I was really excited about it. I love modern art particularly from the 60s. I know that some people look at art and try to find “the meaningâ€? in it. I’m not one of those types. I look at the splattered canvases and think “Wow. That must have been a lot of fun to makeâ€?. I also look at it and think that I could possibly create something very similar. It makes you feel like even you can be a great artist.

After we browsed around the touring exhibit, Chris and I went up to say Hello to the Chihuly exhibit. The Chihuly exhibit is a permanent one and I don’t care how many times I go the art museum, I have to wander through the Chihuly exhibit. It always looks new to me. I want to crawl inside it and hide in the glass bubbles. I want to sun my self on the beach with glass seal-like balloons. I don’t think I could ever tire of this exhibit. This time around we noticed that one of the pieces has a flaw in the coloring that makes it look like it’s cracked. I got up close to inspect just to make sure it wasn’t a crack. Chris got all nervous and said “Don’t look at it!â€?. He didn’t say “don’t touch itâ€?. He actually told me not to look at it. Like looking at it would make the thing really crack and bust all over the floor. He’s cute.

I think we decided to get memberships for Christmas this year. This like the fourth time I’ve been to the museum this year, so I think its something we’d really use. Plus they have some new touring exhibits coming up that I want to see. Stamp seven was a cinch.