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Cindy Maddera

Stamp Eight Last week I took Friday off so that I could spend some time with my Mom and sister. I conned them into going to Guthrie so I could get another stamp on my passport. The Guthrie passport stamp comes from the Oklahoma Territorial Museum, a small museum that covers the early days of Oklahoma before we became a state. The museum was nice. We all enjoyed flipping through the old Sears Roebuck catalog and exclaiming over how uncomfortable it must have been to be woman back in those days. Today’s heat index is 105. That’s pretty much the norm for this time of year. Imagine that heat while wearing a dark colored long-sleeved dress, with corset and stockings and healed boots and no air-conditioning. No wonder all the women in those old photos look pissed off.

After the museum, we tooled around Guthrie until lunch time. I found a great little yarn shop that I can’t wait to go back to so I can get some really pretty sock yarn (must finish Janell’s mittens first). The only blight on the day was when I realized the lady at the Territorial Museum stamped my passport in the wrong place. DOH! It should be OK, but I may have to get an extra stamp just to be on the safe side.