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Cindy Maddera

The Fourth StampI had intended to make the Oklahoma Museum of Art my fourth stamp, but they were closed today. So Chris and I went to the Myriad Botanical Gardens instead. It was like taking a trip to Hawaii...sort of. This was the first Fourth of July that Chris and I have had were we didn't have some sort of family obligation. We took our time wandering around the gardens and doing a lot of "Oooh...look at that". They have recently added some new walk ways and they tiled it with the same tile we've been looking at for our kitchen. I think it sold us on that particular tile. We also picked out some new plants for around the house. We think they'd be great for dissuading burglars. Chris learned that pineapples do not grow in trees. We also discovered that one coffee plant just isn't enough. Not if you both want to have a cup a coffee.

We had a really nice time and parking was free for the Fourth of July. This made Chris very happy. Check out the pictures.