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Cindy Maddera

stamp sixLast week I mentioned to Robin that Eskimo Joe's is one of the passport stamps and she looked up at me at said two words..."cheese fries". We decided that we had to go have lunch at Eskimo Joe's. The plan was simple. Go to Stillwater. Eat cheese fries. Get stamp. Come home. And that's exactly what we did. It was a good thing we went last week. This week marks the 32nd Anniversary of Eskimo Joe's and they celebrate all week long. The place gets really hoppin' during anniversary week. It was pretty busy when we went. I can just imagine how crazy hectic it is this week.

We had a nice lunch reminiscing about our days at OSU. We dragged Jen along so she could see the most popular bar in Oklahoma and hear our stories. I told her that you can't come to Oklahoma and not go to Eskimo Joe's. It's part of the Oklahoma Experience.

Three stamps to go and I think I'm going to put the last three off until next month. Spread it out a little, that and we had to put about $500 worth of new parts into our car. At least now I won't have to worry about my car actually getting me to the final stamps.