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Cindy Maddera

The Fifth StampChris and I spent the weekend in Tulsa for a wedding so we decided ( was my idea) to take an alternate route home so I could get another stamp on my passport. The fifth stamp comes from the Grape Ranch in Okemah. Wineries have been popping up all over Oklahoma for a while now. A few years ago I conned my mother into visiting a winery in Vinita. It turned out to only be a tasting room and gift shop and I was a little disappointed that we didn't get to see the actual winery. The moment you drive through the gates of The Grape Ranch, you know you're at a winery. The first thing you see are rows of grapevines. The tasting room is situated at the back corner of these rows.

The tasting room is small and intimate with a pretty little landscaped waterfall out front. Our hostess was great. She did a much better job at remembering which wines were our favorites then we did. We couldn't spend too much time there because Hooper was with us, but we definitely plan on a return visit. OK, the real reason to go back is to get a big glass of a frozen version of one of their reds. It was quite tasty and very refreshing on a hot summer day and probably just a little bit dangerous.

When ever I've asked for a stamp for my passport I get one of two responses. A couple of people have said that they haven't seen a passport with so many stamps all ready. But most have said that I was their first stamp. Only four to go. At this rate I'll be finished long before Labor Day roles around.