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Cindy Maddera

Third stampFriday Stephanie, Cati and I met my sister Janell, the boys, Amanda and Janell's friend Jenn at the Jasmine Moran Children's Museum in Seminole. I was nervous about this outing because I had never been to this place and its kind of in the middle of nowhere. What if I dragged these kids to the lamest museum on the planet? I certainly wouldn't be cool Aunt Cindy anymore that's for sure.

The museum was great. Every thing there is hands on learning broken up into sections. In the construction zone you can shovel rocks into little dump trucks and build an arch with foam blocks. For some reason the rock pit in the construction zone was Cati's favorite. We had to drag her away to ride the train and even then I thought for sure there were going to be tears. But once she was on the train every thing was OK, just as long as she knew she go back to the rock pit when the train ride was over. Personally, I thought the bubble zone and the indoor climbing maze were the most fun. Though we all spent quite a bit of time in the wacky mirror room.

The kids played hard all morning and we ended the trip with lunch at McDonald's (of course). I think they all had a really great time. We'll all have to go back when they get the big outside maze completed. Until then, I'm afraid Steph is going to have to build a rock pit in her backyard.