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Cindy Maddera

Last night Chris and I decided that we wanted Chinese food for dinner. We sat there for a while debating on where to go (because it was raining...AGAIN) and lamenting the fact that we don't have Chinese delivery. I suggested we go to the place just up the street. We've been here about five years and we've never tried this place. There are lots of places we're leery of trying in our neighborhood because everything around here looks run down and sketchy. So we said "what the Hell?" and sloshed our way over. That sketchy little Chinese restaurant is now my favorite Chinese food place. Its not because the food was phenomenal. It was good, but not "Wow this is the best Chinese food I've ever eaten" good. I love the place because the inside looks just like a movie set version of a Chinese restaurant. The place is dimly lit with huge Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling. The walls are wood paneled with those big Chinese circular arches separating dinning areas. You just knew that there was a secret room in the back where the head of the local Chinese Mafia played mahjong with some of his old pals and henchmen.

We opted for the family dinner for two, which we decided really serves four. The food is brought in silver serving dishes and you just fill your plate with fried rice and sweet and sour pork and peppered beef in a tomato based sauce. As we sat there eating, we suddenly heard a small child screaming from the kitchen. I looked up at Chris and said "Oh my God. They're cooking babies". Chris replied "That's why this peppered beef tastes so good. Its seasoned with their tears."

It was really good peppered beef.