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Cindy Maddera

The Oroe Cookie Bus You may have noticed that I've been posting more pictures then usual on my blog. This is all due to the new camera Chris got for me. There was really nothing wrong with my old camera. It took good pictures for what it was; it just had some limitations. First of all the old camera was a little big. The new camera fits perfectly in my purse with out making my purse weigh twenty pounds. The old camera didn't have a zoom or macro function. This is why I didn't get a good picture of the bear in our campsite. I just couldn't get close enough. I could never have gotten a picture like this with my old camera.

Now that I have the smaller camera, it goes every where with me and when I see quirky stuff like the Oreo Cookie Bus outside the downtown YMCA, I can take a picture of it. I've also gotten really good at uploading my pictures and posting them all by myself. That's something Chris is really excited about.