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Cindy Maddera

Feet I spent Saturday with my Mom and sister in Tulsa. We did a bunch of girly things like get pedicures and shop. But basically it was just about being together and doing some nice things for Mom.

We all pitched in and got my mom and iPod nano. She's really excited about it. When I got my new iPod, I gave my old one to a friend and when I told Mom what I had done, I could tell that she was a little disappointed that I didn't give it to her. I didn't want her to have the old one because I new she wouldn't be satisfied with it. Plus we all thought it would be nice for to have a new one that not only carries music, but she can put photos on as well.

We had a really nice day, had wonderful gelati at this totally chic chocolate place and lunch at this really great natural food store. Yes, we had desert before lunch. I thought it was a perfect idea. Our deserts were beautiful and I had devoured half my butterfly cookie and taken a bite out of the chocolate cup for the gelati before I realized that I should have taken a picture. This is just another reason to go back.

Happy Mother's Day!