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Cindy Maddera

I have these little tiny silver elephant earrings that I wear all the time. They’re pretty much the only earrings I wear with the exception of the pearl earrings that Chris gave me. I wear those with dressy stuff. The elephants are my every-day-wear earrings. I had the first pair for so long that no one could remember where they came from. This became a big problem when I lost one of the earrings down a drain. All of my family hunted everywhere in just about every store for these earrings. We just couldn’t find them. Two years went by and I had just about given up hope on ever replacing them. Then my Mom found them in a random gift shop in Silver Dollar City (Chris’s first and last trip to Branson). My heart soared. I had my earrings back.

Wednesday I reached in my jewelry bag at the Y and only pulled out one earring. I searched all over the floor at the gym and in the house. No earring. As a result of not having my everyday earrings, I spilled ice buckets and knocked over microscope samples. I tripped over air. It was bad. I can’t find the earring any where. It must be with the curtains.

Luckily I found the exact pair on Amazon. Chris is ordering me a dozen.