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Cindy Maddera

It’s not that I’ve been on a blog hiatus; its just that I’ve been neglectful. I’ve had plenty of topics for blogging I’ve just been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to get any of it written down. Ever since Chris and I got back from our trip to Arkansas, I’ve been swamped with projects at work. When I’m not working or I’m not at the Y, I’m usually slaving away on getting my new flower bed ready for spring (pictures to come someday). Chris and I have also been pretty social the last couple of weeks visiting friends and family and doing nerdy things like going to seminars. Last week we went to hear Jared Diamond speak at USAO. Two things were really cool about this. First was the fact that we had a Pulitzer Prize Winner speak at our alma mater and second was that it was JARED DIAMOND! I’ve only read two of his books, but all the rest are on my list to read. His talk focused primarily on his latest book, Collapse which deals with why societies fail. It seemed that his number one reason for society collapses has to do with man’s effect on the environment. Makes you really want to recycle and by an electric car.

My sister said that when he spoke at OSU many people referred to Jared Diamond as an extremist. I didn’t see any evidence of extremist theory. He did not speak to us with a Southern Baptist minister voice saying “RECYLCE or suffer in HELL!â€?. When asked what we could do as citizens, Jared Diamond said the most important thing we could do was to get out and vote. That doesn’t seem like an extremist theory to me, but then again many people thought Richard Clarke was an extremist. So what do I know?

Tonight we are going to hear Jane Goodall speak at Oklahoma City University. This must be my astrological month for intellectualism.