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Cindy Maddera

My Earth Day/summer project is to have a garden. Not a really big garden, something modest with pretty, yet useful plants. We have this area in the front of the house that I’ve hated from Day One. There used to be some kind of bush growing there, that I’d have cut back on a regular basis (Yes, I know that sounds dirty). The bush was surrounded by a bazillion white rocks. Then the bush died and I went a little psycho with a chain saw so all that was left of it was a hideous stump. It took us a year to clear out most of the rock and hours to dig up that awful stump. There were a lot of curse words hurled at the stump and by the time we gave up on getting the entire root we were only about two miles from China. Last night Chris chopped it up into trashcan size pieces and it will be officially out of our lives forever come Wednesday morning.

The next step was to get some plants. I went with Mom this weekend to the Herbal Festival in Sand Springs. There were so many plants and people, it was a little overwhelming. Mom had put together a make-shift cart and in no time we had it filled and I was carting around a flat of marigolds. We saw women pulling plants right out of their plastic containers because they didn’t think they’d get the ones they wanted. It was like a Macy’s After Thanksgiving Sale, but with plants.


My plants made it home safely and I put them in the ground Sunday. I ended up with way too many marigolds, but they’re pretty and they smell good. I can’t wait for some of the bigger plants to really grow in like my sage and lavender. I also got this oh so cute elephant sprinkler to keep my plants moist and happy.


Now, we'll see what happens with them. Bwahahahaha!