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Cindy Maddera

During the beginning of my freshman year at USAO I met a guy. I really really really liked him and followed him around like a love sick puppy. It’s slightly embarrassing now to think of it. For a while I thought this guy liked me too. He invited me out for ice cream all the time and took me to see the Christmas lights. I thought we might really have something. When I came back from Christmas break, something had changed. He didn’t come to the dorms to visit me any more; instead he came to visit some other girl. I was heart broken, but I moved on. This guy and I ended up in the same independent study class and on the first day of class we toured the campus looking at all the different trees and plants. This guy attached himself to my side and wouldn’t leave. Every time we broke up into group projects, he would insist that I be in his group. His behavior irritated me to know end. I thought “here we go again playing the same gameâ€?. This time I refused to play. Towards the end of that semester I met Chris. We went on one date and that was it.

Later on in the fall, a friend of ours started crushing big time on that guy. She practically threw herself at him, but he refused. His excuse was that he wanted to be with me. I guess he was just biding his time until Chris and I broke up or something. I told my friend how sorry I was, but that guy was stupid. He could have been with me if he had just been open and honest.

I saw that guy this weekend. Him and his wife and his five children sat two rows behind me. That’s right, I said FIVE CHILDREN. I think we both pretended not to see each other. I told Chris first thing when I saw him “I love youâ€?.

A lady once asked my dad if I was lucky because of my elephant collection. He told her that I was very lucky, but I disagreed when he told me the story. Looking back on it now I believe that I am very lucky. Chris and I celebrate our nine year wedding anniversary on Wednesday. I have no regrets.