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Cindy Maddera

Whew! I got a ton of stuff accomplished this weekend. I cleaned the living room and opened the space up some by getting rid of a clutter-catching cart. Mom and Dad came for a visit on Saturday and took away a dresser that I had planned on just tossing onto the lawn for someone to take. Since the dresser was finally out of the bedroom, I decided that I should clean and move furniture around in there. I plan on painting that room sometime soon and I want to move the furniture around to see what the best layout is going to be. I'm not sold on the current furniture layout, but since our bed weighs fifty thousand pounds, I think it will do for now. I also did some much needed home secretarial work. My computer address book was in dire need of updating. I still had Stephanie's address in Stillwater and they haven't lived there for about four years. Now, my handwritten address book matches my computer address book. I've also been complaining for months about how I really need to update and restructure my iTunes/iPod playlists and add some new music. I got that done too.

The best thing by far that I accomplished this weekend was my terrarium. I bought this aquarium at the flea-market because of its stand. I thought it would make a great terrarium, but it didn't have a lid. I put off making it until I could figure out what to do about a lid, until I read Mighty Girl's entry about her terrariums. She used succulents and desert plants so you don't need a glass top.

This is my desert terrarium.



All that's missing are some miniature dinosaurs. I'm quite pleased with myself.