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Cindy Maddera

Today is a cranky day. Even though I’m trying to have a good attitude, it just keeps eluding me. First of all it’s snowing. AGAIN! I know its winter, but this is Oklahoma. It doesn’t snow in Oklahoma. Secondly, we got pulled over on the way to work this morning because our tag has expired. The good thing is the police man didn’t give us a ticket. He just wanted to let us know it had expired (no shit). This bothers me on sooooo many levels. When our home was burglarized a few years ago, the police did nothing. Chris wrote the police report and I found the point of entry. The only thing the policeman did was come over and say “yup, you was robbedâ€?. I find it amazing that since then, the police have managed to pull Chris over and ticket him for maybe possibly crossing the center line and also find time to pull us over in a blizzard to tell us our tag has expired. Thanks police department for being there for us hard working tax payers. We appreciate it.

When we finally made it to work, I found that one of our microscopes had been left on all night. The bulb had burned out. At least it was an easy fix. It’s a bitch and an hour long process to change the bulb on our fluorescent microscope.

And, it’s still snowing. Am I on Candid Camera?