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Cindy Maddera

There’s no excuse for my bloggy absence other than I’ve just had other things to do. I’ve had ample material like the latest Ikea trip and our impromptu Valentines Day. Its just that by the time I get around to typing these things up, its old news all ready. I blame TV and knitting. I started on these really neat mittens a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been slow getting them finished. I’ll have them done just in time for Spring. Actually, I’m not that far from finishing the last one. I promise to post pictures when I finish them ‘cause they are really cute. I promised my sister I would make her a pair when I finished mine. She’ll get her mittens by July 4th.

I’ll make up for missing my Friday Science entry by posting extra science stuff this week, unless I get distracted by my Soduko book. Then all bets are off.