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Cindy Maddera

With all the socializing and the ever lingering cold, I fell off the gym wagon during the month of December. I jumped back in the first week of January though and was doing really well. I went every day and sometimes even twice a day (noon yoga class). Now, thanks to the weather, I’m back to not going at all. For the past three days the drive to work that usually takes about fifteen minutes has taken any where from thirty to forty-five minutes. What looks like a pristine layer of snow is really a very thick layer of ice. Your feet do not sink into it; instead you slide around on top of it. The major street we live off of hasn’t even been plowed. I think they sprinkled some sand on the road when it hit on Saturday, but that’s about it.

In the mean time, we skate. We skate outside to put the dog in the back yard. We skate to and from the car and through the parking lots of Ace Hardware and Wal-Mart. We skate or risk falling on our asses and at my age, I could break a hip.