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Cindy Maddera

I thought I’d be really good this year and blog more about things other than science, but that idea is not turning out so good. Really there’s not much to tell. No one wants to hear about our plumbing which has decided to clog and back-up on us. I think we’ve got the problem narrowed down to the kitchen sink, but I’d rather poke needles into my eyeballs than call a plumber. Oh, I did have a birthday. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. My birthday was a very low key affair this year. I did some shopping (bought a pair of boots for $45!) and Chris and I went out to dinner. Chris usually gets me a piece of carrot cake from La Baguette's, but this year I opted for carrot cake from a place called Cheevers. It was good (six layers of good), but I still think I prefer La Baguette's (no raisins!). Dinner was excellent. We tried a new Indian place called Namaste. Usually we go to Indian buffets, but this was an order off the menu kind of place. Man, was it yummy. It’s now our favorite Indian place.

That’s about it. Someone asked me if I felt any different and I said no. What’s 31 supposed to feel like? Age is relative. After work, making time for yoga (love new yoga mat from Chris), and worrying about getting the house in order I just don't have the time to worry about growing older. It just means I’m one step closer to retirement or my grave (take your pick). Plus all that worrying can give you wrinkles.