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Cindy Maddera

There really is no excuse for my blogging absence other then laziness. The month of December has taken a toll. The first half of the month had me down with a sinus infection and for some strange reason I was really busy at work, more so then usual. Then came the stress of the Holidays that included everything from getting all presents in order, work related Holiday Christmas socials, finding time for friends that we never get to see, and family. Whew! I’m tired.

I promise to be a little bit more vigilant in my blogging this year. I leave you with this lovely picture I took at Utica Square. Utica Square is a high-end outdoor shopping mall in Tulsa. I was there in November with my sister-in-law. We walked past Ann Taylor’s and this mannequin was standing in the front window. It made us laugh.

Boobies, originally uploaded by Elephant Soap.