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Cindy Maddera

23rd street is my favorite street in OKC. Chris hates this street because its usually crazy busy and the lanes are narrow. I think he's been rear-ended twice on this street, but I love it. Its dirty and grungy and you're guaranteed to see at least one crazy crackhead bum walking down the sidewalk talking to himself. One time I saw this skinny crazy-haired guy walking down the street carrying a golf bag with a full set of clubs. It was 6:30 in the morning and 30 degrees out. And trust me, this guy did not look like the golf playing type. Best of all, Byron's is on 23rd street. Byron's is a liquor warehouse. On any given day you can go into Byron's and see all kinds of people. There's everything from the rich fur-lined couple from Nichols Hill buying their weekend party booze to the classic hobo styled drunk. Plus they have a great selection of wine.

Friday's after work is the busiest time for Byron's. You're really taking your life into your own hands if you venture there on a Friday, but hey, when you need booze, you need booze. So Chris and I stopped in on the way home yesterday. We traversed the scary parking lot, dodging customers who drove like they had already started their drinking and walked right on in. The moment we walked in the door a smell hit us. Byron's doesn't usually smell bad, creepy sometimes yes, but it usually smells OK in there. I said to Chris "Wow, it smells like a really bad drunk in here". He crinkled his nose and said "Oh yeah". He knew exactly what I was talking about. You know that smell: all alcohol with a little bit of vomit and body odor mixed in.

We got a little alarmed. Since when did Byron's start opening a full bar where people could do their drinking and booze shopping at the same time? Luckily the smell didn't come from a person, but a large bottle of busted vodka. Where the vomit and body odor smell came from, I have no idea. All can say is that had to be one crappy bottle of vodka if it already comes with its own vomit and body odor smell.