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Cindy Maddera

Every Friday morning around 7:30, while we’re on our way to work, NPR plays a StoryCorp recording. StoryCorps is an NPR oral history project that started in 2003. They travel the country collecting stories from every day people. Any one can sign up to spend time in the StoryCorps booth. I love StoryCorps. Every time I hear the opening music for it, I clap my hands with glee. But really Chris and I decided that it should be called StoryCry because we always end up getting all teary eyed and needing a tissue by the time it’s over. The only time StoryCorps didn’t make us cry was when they aired a woman’s story about her first Halloween in the U.S. That one made us laugh out loud.

I keep thinking I should make a StoryBooth reservation, but I have no idea who I’d interview. There’s too many questions and family history to record. I’d probably get the biggest kick out recording some of Dad’s tales of his youth. Dad can be a pretty funny guy and I think a bit of a prankster when he was young. But I think it would also be neat to sit down with my siblings in the booth. I don’t know what we’d talk about, maybe the annual family Easter photo. We never looked pleased to be taking those pictures. They were torture.