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Cindy Maddera

Three or four years ago someone gave us a gift card to Pottery Barn. I didn’t know what to do with it, until I found a sales bin of curtains. I bought enough curtains to do the living room except Chris always found some excuse or another for not actually hanging them. So the curtains sat around in various places of the house. Then Chris broke the blinds in the living room. Ah ha! I used this opportunity to go to Ikea and get new blinds and curtain rods to finally hang those curtains. The new blinds are a huge improvement. They’re bamboo, simple and clean. The only problem is that you can see through them at night, so people can see in our house which means no walking around in our underwear. This means we had to hang the curtains. Of course we would hang the curtains…if we could find them. That’s right. We have managed to misplace four Pottery Barn curtain panels still in there packages. We have torn the house, garage, and shed apart looking for the curtains. I’ve called family members to see if I had accidentally given them away. No curtains. Worst case scenario is that we threw them away.

To fix the issue, I made some curtains out some sheets we weren’t using. Mom will be so proud to hear that I finally used the sewing machine all by my self. I even had to add thread to the bobbin a couple of times. The curtains aren’t perfect, but they look a lot better then what was up there before. Of course now you realize that after I’ve gone through all the trouble of making curtains, the others will miraculously reappear.