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Cindy Maddera

Someday soon kids across the world will be asking Santa for their cloak of invisibility. The difference between then and now is that Santa may actually be able to deliver on this request. An American and British science team has made an invisibility cloak. OK, maybe it’s not as good as Harry Potter’s, but it’s good enough to hide a copper cylinder from microwaves. Unlike stealth technology, cloaking passes waves like radar around the object as if it weren’t there. Just like Harry’s cloak!

The “cloakâ€? is made of an engineered mixture of metal and circuit board materials (metamaterials). It may only hide things from microwaves, but the scientists plan on adapting it to radar and light waves. This of course would be very beneficial to the military. But really we know that the researchers are only working on this so they can have an invisibility cloak just like Harry Potter’s.