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Cindy Maddera

It seems that I am destined to see Flaming Lips concerts without Chris. Boy, did he ever miss out on a show. I was a little nervous when I heard they were playing at the Zoo Amphitheater. The Zoo Amphitheater is known for showing headliners like Megadeath and Poison, but it turned out to be the perfect venue for the Flaming Lips. I saw the Flaming Lips a few years ago when they were doing their Yoshimi tour. It was a great concert and I new I wouldn't be disappointed this year. They were amazing! First of all, there was probably four times the number of people at this concert. The stage was bigger which allowed the Lips to do a much bigger show. It started with a big spaceship floating down and Wayne Coyne in a big plastic bubble. I'd seen him do the bubble trick on TV and was slightly disappointed when he didn't do it at the last concert. He carefully walked down the spaceship ramp and out into the audience where he tumbled around on top of the crowd. He was tossed back up on the stage to start the opening song. The crowd went crazy.

We all had these multicolored whistles that lit up with flashing lights with a push of a button (these were handed out for free at the gates when we came in). There were giant balloons tossed out into the crowd and being bounced all around. Giant confetti guns were constantly being blown and streams of confetti where floating through the air like snow. It was unbelievable.

When Wayne started introducing the Yeah Yeah Yeah song he talked about how people thought of that song as a protest song. He said "It's no surprise that we all hate George Bush" and the crowd roared. There were a few boos, but they were drowned out by the cheers. All I could think was where the hell were all these people when we had to vote. It was such a great concert, I didn't want it to end. And I felt a little sad that Todd couldn't be there to share the experience because it was a thousand times better than the Yoshimi concert. Oh well. Maybe next time, because I'm bound and determined to go to every Flaming Lips concert that comes to OKC.