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Cindy Maddera

The Graham Family Trip to Colorado went pretty well if you ignore the trip out there. We were about fifteen miles outside of Alamosa CO when the first tire on the trailer blew. The flinging burning rubber from that tire caused damage to the tire behind it and while putting the spare on the shredded tire Dad noticed that one of the tires on the other side had a horse-shoe nail in it. We slowly made our way to Alamosa where Dad had two tires replaced and the one with the nail patched. We got back out on the road and making good time until the patched tire blew. By this time Dad and Janell were getting really good at changing tires. We trekked on. Now part of the plan for this trip was to meet up with my Mom’s first cousin and her new boyfriend’s family. They told us to meet them at Cement Creek, one of the many primitive camp sites available in Colorado. We’ve been to many campgrounds in Colorado, but some how we’d never been to this one. We pulled off onto a dirt road and Dad got nervous. He pulled the trailer over to the side of the road, then we took the van down to the camp site to see if we could get in and if Junior, as Dad liked to refer to the guy we were meeting, was even there. Even if the camp site had not been full, there was no way we could have gotten the trailer down there. The road was way too rough and all the camp sites were too narrow. To top it off, no one was there that we were supposed to meet.

It was 8:00 at night. The kids were hungry. It was raining and cold and we had no place to stay. Mom told us to go back down the road to see if one of the camping resorts could get us in and they would meet us there. Dad had to find a place to turn the trailer around. The camping resort had zero vacancies, but Janell and I took some initiative and drove further down the road to Spring Creek (primitive camp site that just happens to be on a paved road). We found a perfect pull-in camp site with plenty of tent space, so I left Janell and the kids there and Melissa and I went to find my parents. Two hours later, Mom and Dad show up. Dad had busted out the back windshield of the truck while trying to turn the trailer around. I told him about the great camp site we scored and they followed us to Spring Creek. By this time it was too late to do anything. It was still drizzly so no one could set up tents. I slept in the van while every one else slept in the floor of the camp trailer.

Sounds like a pretty crappy trip. But really it gets better. We awoke the next morning to a beautiful Colorado sky. We all got our tents set up and camp squared away. We had a long day of doing nothing. The trip just got better from there.