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Cindy Maddera

The other morning I was at the Y getting ready for work when this woman came up and asked me about my toiletry bag. I love my toiletry bag. It’s the first thing Chris has ever let me buy from QVC and that’s only because he wanted one too. It’s called The Everything Bag because you’re supposed to be able to get everything in there like full-size shampoo and deodorant bottles. I can get just about everything in my bag except a few things like my contact solution and hairspray, but if I really need those things I just shove them in Chris’s bag. The woman thought the bag would make a great graduation gift for her niece. I told her that I had gotten it from QVC, but that it had been a while ago. Then I told her that I bet she could find it online, maybe even at QVC. She kind of wrinkled her nose then said “Maybe one of the local luggage shops will have itâ€?. That’s when I realized that she wasn’t wrinkling her nose at QVC, but at shopping on the internet.

Why are people so afraid to shop online? My mother is the same way. To this day, she still insists that it was her internet provider that gave out her credit card number to internet thieves. It doesn’t matter that Chris and I both have told her (a thousand times) that your credit card can be compromised anywhere you use it. Anywhere! And trust me, she uses it everywhere. Heck, I’ve compromised my own card just by stupidly sending the card number in an email to my sister-in-law.

I just don’t get it. Everytime you get in a car there is a high probability that you’ll get smashed up in a four-car pile-up, but does that keep you from driving or riding in cars? You know what? I’m scared of the stove. It gets really hot and I could burn myself. So, from now on, Chris will have to do all the cooking or ordering of the take-out. Yeah, that sounds good.