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Cindy Maddera

People who suffer from migraines tend to have a higher sex drive than people who get only normal headaches. This is according to a study by researcher Timothy T. Houle, PhD. In fact the study found that female migraine sufferers are very similar to normal males in sexual desire. Another study done by James R. Couch, MD, PhD found out by accident that some women could even cure their migraines by having orgasms. He was recruiting patients for a drug study. One of the women he interviewed said that she could get rid of her migraines if she could “just have a good banging orgasmâ€?. After that, he started asking other female patients what had happened if they had ever had sex when having a migraine. He found that about 20% had actually cured their migraines through orgasm.

Researchers already know that migraines are linked to low serotonin levels. Clinical depression is also linked to low serotonin level and many antidepressant drugs, like Prozac, work by raising serotonin levels in the brain. This raise in serotonin can cause loss of sexual desire. The newest class of migraine drugs work the same way.

This information will make it easier to design new treatments for migraines that have fewer side affects. Plus think of how much more fun it will be to rid yourself of a migraine.