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Cindy Maddera

I know I didn’t get a Friday Science done for last week, but I was on VACATION. I had been planning to take a week off just to get some things done around the house that I never get done on weekends, but my working vacation turned into an actual vacation. Trust me; no one’s more surprised than I am. Sunday afternoon I drove up to Tulsa to spend some time with Mom. I pulled in to the drive way and saw my mom swinging all by herself in her new porch swing. She had wanted one for a long time, so the siblings pitched in got her a really nice swing with a shade thingy and everything. The next day, my mom, sister and I went to a day spa for girly spa stuff and then to lunch were I ate the best chimichanga that I’ve had in along time (it was made with crack).

I drove home on Tuesday where Chris and I proceeded to pack up the car with camp gear and on Wednesday we headed out to Osage Hills State Park. We didn’t get a chance to go camping at all last year and I was having a hard time believing that we were actually going. It was great. We had the entire tent section to ourselves. I saw more wild life on this trip than I did during last years trip to Colorado. We saw wild turkey, deer, gray squirrels, humming birds, armadillos, a fox, and one persistent little raccoon. We also took a trip over to the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve and saw herds of Bison. The only bad thing about the trip was the ticks. Ticks are very bad here this year (one little girl has already died from a tick bite). I wound up with two stuck to me. If there’s anything that will bring me to whiney baby crying fit stage, it’s ticks. Next time, I’m bathing in DEET before we go.

I’m sure Chris will have more to say and possibly some pictures when he gets back. He took a drive to Houston with my dad and should be back today or tomorrow. I’m tired. I need a vacation from my vacation.

UPDATE: Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cindy and Hooper

I've got some pics from trip on Flickr. I only have the basic (free) account, which allows only 3 sets of pics and I've already used them, so if you get lost just look for the "osage" tag.

Here they are.