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Cindy Maddera

Every Saturday on our way back from grocery shopping at Aldi, Chris and I pass this store called Nature’s Treasures. It’s one of those New Age type shops. Actually, that’s were Chris bought my really cool Ganesh statue. I’ve been in the place once and was amazed with the selection of spell books and crystals (the lady that runs the place can tell you the best way to fix a broken crystal, which is to bury it in your backyard). The most amazing thing about this store is the number of people it seems to attract. The parking lot holds maybe eight cars and the owner lives in the house next door. The lot is always full. Every Saturday Chris and I are just dumbfounded by the amount of people there. Sometimes the lot is so full that people have to park in the dirt lot next door.

Since we spent the whole weekend in Tulsa, Chris and I did the grocery shopping yesterday. When we passed by Nature’s Treasures there were only three cars parked out front, but one of them was the store’s delivery van. Yeah! They have a delivery van! You can call in an order for healing crystals and have them delivered right to your door.

Sometimes I think I chose the wrong profession. Oh why did I choose a science degree from a liberal arts university when I could have received and online PhD in Metaphysics?