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Cindy Maddera

Ever since they opened an Ikea store in Dallas, Chris and I have been planning a trip there. The trip always gets postponed for various reasons. Last month Chris suggested that we go to the Ikea store for our anniversary, but after all the birthdays last month we were broke and so postponed the trip (again). Saturday we finally went to the Ikea store. FINALLY! It was the best trip to Dallas that we had ever had together. There was no screaming at traffic, no crying over misnamed streets, no temper tantrums over being lost. It was amazing. I think it was because we never actually made it to the Dallas area. We ended up finding all the places we wanted to see in the Plano area, close to the Ikea store.

We spent four hours in Ikea. Yes, you heard me. Four Hours. Basically everything is coming from Ikea and if I had had the money in my pocket on Saturday I would have bought our new couch right then and there. Instead I just bought a bag of 100 tea-light candles for $3. You never know when you’re going to need tea-lights. We spent so much time in Ikea that we were too tired to go the Container Store.

Not only did we have a great time at Ikea, but I also bought pants for cheap that fit me and look good on. I’m telling you, we were in the dime zone. I bought a very flattering pair of slacks ($15) at the Gap outlet and I didn’t even mind being dragged to the REI store because I found these on the clearance rack for $15! The Prana pants are my new favorite pants and if I could replace all of my pants with Prana pants, I would. They are soooo soft and flowy and comfortable. Plus they look good on and I can wear them to work and yoga. I think I love them just about as much as I love Chris.