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Cindy Maddera

Today is mine and Chris’s 8th wedding anniversary. Yes, I realize we were cutting it close to the Ides of March, but really we were lucky the wedding even happened. When we decided to get married, we also decided that it was a good idea to do it in Las Vegas. We were poor (even poorer than we are now) and we had heard Vegas was cheap. So, about six months prior to our wedding we went to a travel agent and set up the deal. We had to pay for it over the months because we couldn’t afford to pay all at once, but we worked hard and had it paid for two or three months early. The guy we worked with at the agency told us that we would receive our tickets and everything 60 days before departure. Sixty days rolled around and the tickets didn’t show up so Chris called the guy. He said that they would show up thirty days before our departure.

Meanwhile we had friends and family planning on going and they had all their dates and packages booked. Thirty days, no tickets. Two weeks before departure, no tickets. People could just mention the word Vegas and I’d burst into tears. I started getting a sinus infection and running a fever. We were supposed to leave on March 13th. It was all planned. People were going to be there to see us get married on the 14th. We had no tickets. Two days before we were supposed to leave, Chris called the travel agency and asked to speak to this guy’s manager. He told her everything and she told Chris that apparently this guy had booked nothing. She told him she would call him back the next day.

The next day she called back and said that she could get us on a flight leaving out on the 15th. Chris said “That’s great, but what do I tell the people who are going to be there to see us get married on 14thâ€?. The lady said “Oh…let me call you back in an hourâ€?. She called him back and had fixed everything (though I’m sure they ate some last minute costs). She asked us if she should just send the tickets via currier (the travel agency was in OKC, we were in Chickasha). Chris said no and that we’d drive up and get them. When we got to the travel agency, that guy was no where and every one treated us like royalty. We got the tickets and left the next morning for Vegas. After that, everything was perfect. We even won back some of the money we had used to pay for the wedding.

I can’t believe that was eight years ago. I love you Chris!