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Cindy Maddera

On the first Sunday of every month, my Sangha reads the Five Mindfulness Trainings out loud and serves cookies and Chi Tea. I did not know this because I go so sporadically that I’ve never actually been on one of those first-of-the-month Sundays. At the end of each training the leader asks rhetorically if we have strived to achieve that particular training and I have to say that this made me squirm a little on my meditation cushion. Probably the only mindfulness training I had been aware of last month was the first one. All the rest are down the toilet. Ok, so I haven’t stolen anything or committed any sexual misconduct (that I know of), but I haven’t given my time, energy and material resources to those who are in need. I did sign a few petitions for the Human Rights Campaign. I guess that would fall under the Second and Third mindfulness trainings. Don’t even get me started on the Fourth and Fifth mindfulness trainings. I have said terrible things about certain people who drive me crazy, eaten the equivalent of toxic waste, and watch tons of crap on TV. CRAP I tells ya!

So I’ve decided to take up a charity. I will knit baby hats and booties for premies and scarves and hats for the homeless. I think it’s a great way to use up left-over yarn and gives me something to do in between knitting projects. And if any of you out there (I’m looking at you Shelley) has any left over yarn that you’re not ever going to use for anything, send it my way and I’ll use it for the charity. Maybe I’ll even expand it to booties for the bed-ridden. That’s a great charity name!