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Cindy Maddera

I know I promised pictures of the Oklahoma History Museum and they’re coming; I promise. The problem is that I started knitting mittens last week and I’ve turned into Shelley. I’m on my third try with the first mitten and getting it right consumes me. It consumes me so much that I haven’t had the energy to nag Chris into doing the magic voodoo he does to pictures before posting them. Instead I have a little story about how stupid Chris and I really are. We’re talking about buying the crap-shack we are currently living in (that’s not the stupid part; that comes later). Talk of purchasing said shack inevitably leads to talk of remodeling and trust me this house needs a lot of remodeling. We talk about remodeling projects all the time and not just to each other, but to complete strangers as well. It always comes down to how cheaply the remodel can be done and still look good.

Well, this woman in my yoga class told me we should go check out Renovation Station. She said it’s a big warehouse that sells left over building material. “It’s on Broadway, somewhere around 15th. I thinkâ€? she told me. So, Saturday Chris and I went in search of this Renovation Station.

Now, I’m not originally from Oklahoma City and the only Broadway I know about is in Edmond and apparently it’s also the only one Chris knows about too (even though he grew up in this town). We spent two hours driving up and down the Broadway in Edmond looking for Renovation Station before Chris finally just called them.

Turns out we knew where Renovation Station was all along. In fact we had been in there several times all ready. We just called it Habitat For Humanity ‘cause that’s what it is! Habitat For Humanity Renovation Station. Also, there’s a Broadway street downtown.