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Cindy Maddera

In the year 2006 I resolve to:
Explore the inner workings of my one point.

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I'm taking the Chris route in not setting resolutions. I'll call them I'll tries instead. Last spring I started going to sangha on Sundays, but then there was a series of unfortunate events and I stopped going. I keep saying that I'll go back, but so far I haven't been able to take the leap. I'm not very good at joining in with new groups. My sangha isn't very big, but I'm the youngest member and I really don't know any of these people outside of sangha. In the new year I will try harder to attend sangha on Sundays.

I will also try harder to finish projects that I started last year like the family photo album. I will try to finish scanning all the pictures into iPhoto and maybe even have an album printed up. I will also try harder to scan in some of the yoga routines that come in my Yoga Journal and make an at-home-practice book.

So there's my list of I'll tries for the year. Have a safe and happy New Year!