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Cindy Maddera

I think it’s pretty cool that we’re still finding new species and types of dinosaurs. Scientists have unearthed a 13-foot oceanic crocodile in Argentina called Dakosaurus andiniensis. It’s one of the Jurassic dinos and they’ve nicked named it Godzilla. Crocs previously discovered from the Jurassic period were found to have long snouts and small teeth (like today’s crocs) suggesting that they went after small prey. But Godzilla’s anatomy is very different. The large serrated teeth show that the Dakosaurus was a carnivore and a top predator at that. This thing was 13-feet long and swam around in the ocean biting and cutting its prey. It was the T-Rex of the water.

Those teeth remind me of the angler fish. Wonder if there’s any relation.