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Cindy Maddera

The plan this weekend was to go to Arkansas and eat chicken at the AQ Chicken House (best fried chicken in the world made with crack!) and see the pretty fall leaves and buy apples for apple pies. We never made it. There was just too much going on at home. Friday night we went out for Katrina’s birthday which ended up being a Katrina/Bob/Daniel birthday dinner. Our poor waiter did an excellent job of controlling the three ringed circus that was taking place at our table. Saturday was spent going to football games and thrift store shopping. I bought so much crap this weekend! Big Lots had Kashi brand rice pilaf for $2.00! $2.00! Kashi! Yum! I found the Navy pea-coat I have been looking for forever. It still has rank on the sleeve. What else? I bought two sweaters at Goodwill (one from Banana Republic) and I found three of my favorite long-sleeved T’s on the sales rack at the Gap. In the middle of all this we stopped at a new casino where I won $5.75 (Chris put in $6 and I put in $5 and won a total of $16.75). We had lunch at the Olive Garden at Utica Square. Utica Square is this ritzy outside mall in Tulsa. I love going there and just window shopping and the Olive Garden there is the best. While we were waiting for our table, Garth Brooks walked out with his daughters. Mom waved at him like they were old pals, and get this. He waved back!

We also got to see J.R. and Thomas play football on Saturday. Watching little kids play any sport is a hoot. J.R.’s team was pretty good. The kids are older and have a better grasp of the game, but Thomas’s team was different story all together. First of all Thomas looks like one of those little goblins from Labyrinth with the giant helmet and he can’t ever see where he’s going. The two times his coach put him on the field, he just wandered off. He spent most of the game napping on the sideline.

So, we didn’t get to eat crack fried chicken. There’s always other weekends. I think we got the bigger bang for our bucks with this weekend.

I’m tired!