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Cindy Maddera

1. Cindy needs a camper van to use at Camp Casey

We have been talking about small campers a lot lately.

2. Cindy needs your help.

There were a lot of these. They all refer to Cindy Sheehan.

3. Cindy needs to rub some good lotion.

Don’t ask.

4. Cindy needs to fight the talking points.

Right on, Man!

5. Cindy needs a clear picture picture to work from.

It helps to have a clear picture.

6. Cindy needs to look at possible Kevlar mesh/cloth for chimney sulfide collection as well as animal collection.

This was actually a science thing.

7. Cindy needs to have more birffdays.

No, that’s not a misprint. It actually says birffdays. And no, I don’t need more of them.

8. Cindy needs an audio clip for the intro.

I was thinking of something jazzy.

9. Cindy needs to learn how to cash in.

Boy, do I ever!

10. Cindy needs a money blessing.

Boy, do I ever!

This one brought to you by the Ninja.