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Cindy Maddera

I've been tagged (again) and since I have nothing better to do except wait around for cells to grow, I thought I'd get it over with. Plus it gives me a chance to tag others before some one else does it. 10 Years Ago: Ten years ago I was a resident assistant (R.A.) in the girls dorms at USAO. I had a huge room all to myself with my very own bathroom. I had started “datingâ€? Chris that summer and things were starting to get serious. It was around this time that I finally lost my virginity (Woot!). Actually, that’s kind of a funny story. Earlier that summer I decided to get on the pill. I told my mom that I wanted to go to a good doctor and get on the pill and she said “OKâ€?. A month after that, I mentioned to her that I thought my boobs were getting bigger. Mom told me that having sex would do that. Whaa? I was so shocked that she said that to me that I couldn’t say anything back. What I wanted to say was something along the lines of “Wow, if they’re getting bigger now, just wait and see how big they’ll get when I actually start having sexâ€?. Also, it made me kind of angry that she said that. It was this whole preconceived notion that being on the pill meant that I had to be having sex instead of being on the pill just to be prepared for when I did decide to “do itâ€?.

5 Years Ago: I had just started my first job after leaving graduate school. I was working in the sequencing facility at OUHSC and commuting back and forth from Oklahoma City to Stillwater. My graduate school advisor didn’t sign off on my dissertation in time, so I had to be enrolled for another semester at OSU in nothing classes. This was a dark time. I lived in a one bedroom apartment during the week with a girl that turned out to be crazy and I went home to Stillwater on the weekends to see Chris. We barely saw each other and it sucked. In December of that year, I moved back to Stillwater and just drove back and forth to work. The commute was rough, but at least I got to see Chris everyday.

1 Year Ago: I was working where I work now, at OMRF. Other than Chris losing his job at that time, things were good. Actually things have been good for me since I started working here three years ago. I love my job and what I do here. I think that makes a big difference. Even when things are bad, it’s not that bad because at least I have a good job.

Yesterday: I got up at six and got ready for work. I ate breakfast while watching the Today Show with Chris, then went to work. After work I went over to our friends’ house and played with their baby for an hour. Then I went to the Y and ran for thirty minutes and went to Yoga. Then I went home and ate three slices of pizza while watching Gilmore Girls. I felt guilty for eating too much pizza, so I scrubbed the bathroom to burn off some pizza calories. Then I went to bed smelling like bleach.

5 Snacks I Enjoy: Cheese, crackers, popcorn, peanut butter on apples, and ice cream.

5 Songs I Know All The Words To: Well, I don’t think I can list just five. Like Ninja Nun, I have a knack for memorizing songs. My best friend mentioned one time while driving somewhere for a 4-H thing that you didn’t need a radio when I was in the car. Sometimes I even surprise myself with all the songs I seem to know. It’s one of my super powers.

5 Things I’d Do with 100 Million Dollars: First I’d pay off all our debt. Then I’d pay off all of my family’s debt. I’d buy a house and pay someone to come in and make all the necessary repairs and updates (as opposed to doing it myself). I’d buy all new furniture. I’d buy both of us the cars we want, something reliable and fuel efficient. Then I’d go on a European vacation for a year, put the rest of the money away for retirement and live off the interest and I guess give some money to charities.

5 Places I’d Run Away To: New Zealand, France, Greece, Hawaii, and Mexico.

5 Things I’d Never Wear: A bikini, A green velvet curtain, shirts that show my belly-button, A “Vote for Bushâ€? T-shirt, or anything made from an elephant.

5 Favorite TV Shows: Gilmore Girls, Lost, My Name is Earl, CSI Vegas, and Cash Peterson Stranded.

5 Biggest Joys: Chris, my family, my friends, my dog and a good book.

5 Favorite Toys: This a loaded question, so I’ll keep this PG because I think Chris could be considered a toy. My Darth Vader Mister Potato Head, my eMac (I hug it on a daily basis), Ella, and my Yoga mat. My yoga mat could be considered a toy right?

5 People You Tag With This Thing: Pink Dog, June Chic, Limon, Shelley, and Potato Biker