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Cindy Maddera

The cool weather hit here about two weeks ago. I’ve been in denial over the end of summer, so instead of putting away summer clothes and getting out fall/winter clothes I’ve just left my cedar chest open, with clothes piled in and out of it. During the first dig-through of the cedar chest, I came across a pair of jeans that looked brand new. I peeked at the tag and saw that they were size 12. I’ve been wearing 14s since (I think) this time last year. I thought I had gotten rid of all the size 12s, but I must have put these away with the intention of wearing them again someday. I tried them on and they fit. They’re a little tight in the waist, but I’m working on it. What’s odd is that I bought a pair of jeans this weekend that are also 12, but they fit just right. Go figure.

I have been very diligent lately about going to the Y everyday and sometimes twice a day. I do yoga everyday, instead of just saying that I’m going to do it. I thought about putting up a ticker tape thingy like Pink Dog’s, but it would move too slow. I weighed 178 lbs in March and now I weigh 172 lbs. That’s a pound a month. Paint dries faster. Also, I’m not prepared for having to move it in the gaining-weight direction if need be.

Yesterday, I sorted through all of my clothes and compiled three big bags for Goodwill (one of the bags contained shoes, which may not count). I packed away all the summer (heavy sigh) clothes and got out fall and winter stuff. The room is back to normal and the cedar chest lid is shut with everything put away neatly in its place. I can’t help but feel like I’m approaching the coming months with an Eeyore mentality.