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Cindy Maddera

I have a crush on David Folkenflik. It has nothing to do with the great reports he does for shows like All Things Considered and Morning Edition, though everytime I’ve heard him report on something he’s been great. No, the crush comes entirely from his name. I want to be Cindy Folkenflik. No offense to Chris. Maddera is a nice enough name. I still think it’s funny that I’m Lucinda Elena Maddera (Ole!). I totally don’t look the part, but it’s the man I married, not the name. Now, if we could change our name to Folkenflik, well, that would just be cool. Folkenflik just rolls off the tongue in a seductive kind of way. Say it with me…â€?Folkenflikâ€?. See what I mean? How could you not have a crush on David Folkenflik?

David Folkenflik!