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Cindy Maddera

This week is stretching into the longest week ever. I think it’s because Chris is still gone. He’s been on the road for three whole days now…alone…with my dad. Though it’s great that he’s getting this opportunity to earn some cash, I miss him. It’s boring at my house without him around. The dog misses him too. Hooper will come running into the house in the evening and head strait for the office (where Chris usually is). Then he comes running out and heads for the kitchen. Finally he comes back to the living room and looks at me with this confused where-the-hell-is-he look on his face. Chris is the one that takes Hooper out at midnight and who stays up late with him watching TV. Hooper has had a hard time adjusting to bedtime at 9:30. We both aren’t sleeping very well.

Last night I took the dog to the park in hopes that he would burn off some energy. He ran around the park like a dog on crack, but he still came and woke me up at three-something this morning. I know it’s because he sleeps most of the day. I’m going to invent a device that has a mechanical rat, squirrel, or whatever turns your dog on attached to it. The device will be set to go off every thirty minutes or so and cause the dog to jump up and chase it around a few times. Maybe the device could switch around. Like one time it’s the squirrel that runs by and the next it’s the rat. I bet I could make some major moola with that idea.

Anyhoo, Chris comes home hopefully tomorrow. I can’t wait!