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Cindy Maddera

Chris is gone this week to drive a car to Colorado with my Dad. They were leaving from Tulsa, so yesterday we met my Mom in Stroud so she could take Chris home with her. Stroud is a good half-way point. We didn’t feel like paying $1.50 (or whatever it is) to take the turnpike to Stroud. Instead we took Historic Route 66. There’s something really appealing about the kitschiness of Route 66. I really wished I had remembered to take my camera. We passed things that you see in all those coffee table books about 66 like the Round Red Barn and The Lincoln Motel where all the rooms were in these neat little cabins in a row along the road.

Somewhere along the way we passed a sign the said “Corn Mazeâ€?. Chris said “Do you think they put maze up there for people who don’t know what corn is? They’re the people who go around calling popcorn popmazeâ€?. I giggled and said that I had no idea. Later on we passed another sign that said “Don’t miss the corn mazeâ€?. That’s when it dawned on me. I said “I think they mean maze like the kind you walk through. If it was maze they would have spelled it maize.â€? Then we were just both amazed that I new the difference between maize and maze.