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Cindy Maddera

Chris and I were sitting on our front stoop last night just talking about our day and his drive to Texas, when we heard someone talking. We looked up to see a very drunk man walking (kind of) down the road. When he got to our house he stopped talking to himself as he walked by. You know, it’s okay to talk to yourself when there’s no one around, but it means you’re crazy if someone else is watching. He made his way on down the road swerving all around and he had just made it to the other side of our house when Hooper started barking at him. Drunk guy turned his head toward Hooper and slurred out a quick and defiant “Fuck you!â€?. Chris and I, silent up to this point, started laughing. Of course, the “Fuck youâ€? didn’t deter Hooper any. He just kept on barking. If anything I think it made him bark even more.