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Cindy Maddera

While Chris was driving a car to Texas, I helped Mom with the garage sale. Talk about boring! Mom received most of her business on Thursday and by Friday, it was slow going. My sister was there for the rush of Thursday. She spent the whole day helping Mom fight the crowd, but on Friday it was slooow. Sometime during the day this man stopped by. My mom was making a bowl on her potter's wheel and was in the back of the garage where she couldn’t be seen. I said "hello" to the large man while he violently flipped through a stack of aluminum folding lawn chairs. He looked up at me, pointing with his index finger and said “You sold me a chair yesterdayâ€?. I looked back at Mom because I thought he was talking to her. The guy then said “I’m talking to youâ€? (again, pointing at me). “You sold me one of these chairs with a coverâ€? he said rather belligerently. My Mom came out from the back of the garage at this point and told him “It would have been kind of hard for her to have sold you a chair yesterday, when she wasn’t even hereâ€?. The man stopped for a second and then started complaining because the fabric stuff on the chair was “rotted right throughâ€?. Mom asked him what he expected for fifty cents and told him that he could buy replacement seating at Wal-Mart. He left.

First of all, the guy got Janell and I confused. Except for our height, we don’t look anything alike. Secondly, Cletus-The-Slack-Jawed-Yokel could have looked at those chairs and seen that the fabric on them was rotten. We were essentially selling the metal frame (for a freakin’ fifty cents!). I don’t know what that guy expected when he came back. Were we supposed to give him back his two quarters (even though he didn’t bring back the chair)? What an ass!

I’ve decided that garage sales are not worth the time and effort. From now on, all unwanted crap is being hauled off to Goodwill or thrown in the trash. In fact, this week, I’m clearing out the house. It’s purging time.