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Cindy Maddera

Ninja Nun asked:1. When did you first start collecting elephants, and why?

I can’t remember when I first started collecting elephants. It started after the Strawberry Shortcake craze. I think the first elephant was Ella. Ella is (I say is, because I still have her) a silky puffy stuffed animal that went everywhere with me. After Ella, I just decided that elephants were my thing. They’re smart and really cute and I love them all. You know that MasterCard commercial that takes place in a “candyâ€? shop except the candy is represented by cruise ships and safari trips? I truly believe that one day science will allow me to have a pet elephant that can be kept in an aquarium like the one on that commercial.

2. What are a few of your favorite things in life (I'll leave this one completely open to your interpretation)?

When I think of favorite things in my life, I don’t really think of things. They’re more like people and experiences. As sappy as it sounds, Chris is one of my all time favorite “thingsâ€? in life. I think we have a very unconventional relationship because I don’t see us as a normal couple. We’re more like best buddies (with benefits). My family would probably have to be another favorite. They drive me completely insane half the time, but when ever I think of them, little funny memories flash through my brain that make me smile. One time we went on a short trip to Branson. It was me, Chris, Mom, Dad, Randy, Katrina, and JR. JR was little, like two or three, and the two of us road next to each other in the van and laughed the entire way to Branson. I think of that day and get the giggles. Hooper is also another favorite. I’ve never had a dog with as much facial expressions as he has. He totally cracks me up. Actually, in general, things that make me laugh tend to be my favorite things in life.

3. If a Boggart was in your closet, what shape would it take when it saw you?

Easy question. It would be a spider. No, not just one spider, but thousands of them. Crawling out of the closet and on to me and into my hair. Ok, I have to go take a shower now. I just creeped myself out.