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Cindy Maddera

The server my blog was on got corrupted yet again. This happened before J’s funeral, so I told Chris not to worry about fixing it for a while. What was the point when I didn’t really have anything to blog about? Not that I have a whole lot to share now. Lately I’ve been fighting a sinus infection (brought on by stress, something that hasn’t happened since I left graduate school). I get up in the mornings and go to the Y where I wheeze my way through step class. Then I go to work where I spend most of my time hiding out in Robin’s lab. Then I go home and become one with the couch. The couch and I have been pretty inseparable these days. I think I’ve just about formed a Cindy groove into the cushions. I’ve barely even been able to peel myself off the couch in order to prepare dinner. Thank Buddha for all the leftovers and Chris who has actually done most of the cooking these days.

This week I am putting forth my best effort to get back in some sort of a routine. The sinus infection has been downgraded to more of a nasal drip. I received a new issue of Yoga Journal on Saturday that has inspired me to get back on my yoga mat. So, today after work, instead of improving on the Cindy grove in the couch I vow to do at least thirty minutes of yoga.

Baby steps.