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Cindy Maddera

Chris and I have become addicted to Eddy’s Slow Churned ice cream. The problem is that we’ve become addicted to their limited edition flavors. It started with the orange-cream flavor, which we would pile into a glass and pour Sprite over. It was like an old time cream soda and the best part was the orange flavored crunchy crystals that form in a layer over the ice cream. But when we went back to get more, they were out and they were not getting more!

The next flavor was the one with chunks of Drumstick in it. Oh my Gosh! The crunchy bits of cone and chocolate covered peanuts were so yummy! But alas, this was also a limited edition flavor.

I’m now on a mission to make these all-the-time flavors. They can’t just tease us like that! That’s just cruel!