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Cindy Maddera

This hurricane season has been a first for my family in that two of us have shared names with storms. Earlier in the season I was classified as a tropical storm and my sister-in-law is a full fledged hurricane. What's funny is that both storms reflected (or reflect in Katrina's case) our personalities. I started out as a tropical depression east of the Yucatan/Belize peninsula then became a tropical storm as I entered New Orleans. Though I never reached hurricane status, I did leave about 240,000 people without power before being downgraded to a tropical depression. This sounds about right. My temper usually flares up from a slow simmer to a slight rage before I peter out with a "Meh" mentality.

Now Katrina on the other hand is a full fledged hurricane earning headlines like "Killer Katrina" and "Katrina's Deadly Wrath". She is not to be messed with. This has always been the case. Katrina has always been the warrior goddess of the family and I can recount countless times where she has saved me with her sword of fury.

All I'm asking is that in your wrath Katrina, please spare New Orleans. Remember the beauty and love that is that wonderful city. Bring down a few power lines if you must, but please no flooding and raising of the dead. Thank you.